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We use a suite of graphic and DTP programs and handle a range of output formats such as PDF and HTML as well as a huge range of graphic file types.

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Pawel Starzewski
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How does it the instructions


Where are the instructions? Have you ever wondered, who wrote the instructions. We are either the heroes or villains, whichever, it's what we do.

From the simplest (though not always the easiest) instructions, through to complex equipment or software. Our experience includes authoring, researching, document design, digital layout, graphical illustration and publishing of a wide range of documents such as manuals, retail instructions, catalogues and even non-fiction publications.

Our technical and I.T. experience allows us to advise you on in-house documentation solutions as well as manage hardware and software installations.

Our database publishing services may be of particular interest if you have a database that can be used to produce catalogues, directories or data sheets.

We are a small documentation service, based in Birmingham, with over 10 years experience in writing, illustrating and publishing a wide range of documents. We manage documentation projects from planning through to completion or we assist in internally or externally managed projects.

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